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With summer around the corner, that means fireworks season is upon us!  Explore our CBD pet products and share any health and wellness benefits of CBD with your furry friends today. 



Relax and unwind with high-quality CBD in a variety of products, formulas, and strengths. Explore our CBD and find the relaxation you deserve. 



CBD may help relieve pain, especially after physical activity. Discover CBD for relief in a variety of high-quality products by Fieldstone Farms CBD.



Trouble sleeping? CBD may help you get that good night’s sleep. Explore our variety of CBD products, formulas, and strengths  to help you get the sleep you need!

CBD for Pets

A safe way to reduce stress and anxiety in your 4-legged friend.

CBD for Stress

Looking to relax and unwind?

CBD for Pain

A natural approach to pain relief

CBD for Sleep

Supports a healthy night sleep
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High-Quality, High-Value Products

At Fieldstone Farms CBD, we believe that the best way to guarantee high-quality products is to control as much of the production process as possible.

That’s why we cultivate our own plants, harvest our own crops, and do our own testing at an independent laboratory before manufacturing our own tinctures, topicals, and hair products. Our commitment means that we can trace each purchase from the planting of the seeds to the shipping of superior products to the customer’s hands. This careful, completely controlled approach allows us to ensure the quality and performance of our products with a confidence larger manufacturers simply cannot achieve — and allows us to do it at a price they simply cannot match.

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Natural, High-Quality Products.

From Harvest to
Good Health

In today’s hectic world, many people assume that stress, muscle pain, sleepless nights, and listless days are an inevitable reality. Worse yet, they think that only prescription pharmaceuticals or high-cost therapy sessions can offer hope.

But, at Fieldstone Farms, we cultivate, produce, and provide organically grown products that deliver real relief, and real results.


Hand Harvested


Organically Farmed

Start Your Journey to Better Health Today!

With the incredible number of CBD products on the market today, it is hard to know which is right for you. At Fieldstone Farms CBD, we take the guesswork out of the purchase by offering only high-quality products, grown, tested, and manufactured within our own fields and facilities. That way, we can guarantee the quality of each and every product. We believe in small- and medium-batch production methods to preserve the quality and consistency of every product we offer. That same attention to detail allows us to guarantee you the best value, by maximizing efficiency in every phase of production.

Shop with confidence, and start your journey to better health today with Fieldstone Farms CBD — The Natural Choice!

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The transdermal gel really helped me with my sore back.

Antony N

I tried my sandalwood candle yesterday and I love it. Smells great and burn so nicely.

Tara M

I love the gummies; they taste great and help me sleep at night.

Kyle P

I tried the dog treats on my 18 lbs. dog with hip problems and it has seemed to give him my pep in his step. It also has made him calmer in general.

Mike K

My boyfriend and I use the Fieldstone CBD tincture every night! Sleep is so much better with it, we're on our 3rd bottle each.

Giana V

I love getting facials with Giana because I feel so relaxed during the massage since she uses the Fieldstone CBD balm on my neck and shoulders.

Mike T

Looking forward to the release of the oil for dogs. I liked the tincture for sleeping better than pills for myself and the creams for pain are so effective and surprisingly not oily. I really think the pet oil will be a great anti-inflammatory for my pup!.

Brenda Pelletier