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All in the Family

Unlike other CBD brands, we know the story of every drop of CBD Oil that goes into our products.

We plant. We cultivate. We harvest. We process. We refine. And we produce the higher-quality CBD products you can trust.

Our CBD products offer a natural way to deliver the soothing relief you are looking for. At Fieldstone Farms CBD, we are deeply committed to providing our customers with high-quality and holistic solutions to improve your life. Our company has complete control of our CBD products and with that, we can proudly provide you safe, effective solutions that may help to get you back to living your best life.

The Fieldstone Farms Process


Starts with a Seed


Vigorous Testing


Harvest Season


Processing Hemp


CBD Extraction

Highest Quality of CBD

Premium Products at Affordable Prices

Being in complete control of our products allows us to offer our customers premium products at affordable prices.
Our hemp grows peacefully at our licensed farm located in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. The Fieldstone Farm CBD team carefully cultivates our hemp plants to ensure a superior harvest each season. After harvest, the crop is brought to our very own extraction center where our operations team maximizes the quality and hands on process to develop your favorite Fieldstone Farms CBD products.
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Trust & Satisfaction

The proof is in our CBD Products

Our customers tell us time and time again that we have made a difference in improving their lives.

 We know this is true because our team proudly uses our products to improve our daily life. We go above and beyond to create CBD products that we can proudly offer our customers. Quality is the cornerstone of our business and we take pride in the fact that we cultivate, manufacture and distribute premium CBD products.