Our Process

CBD Process

Our 5-Step Process For The Highest Quality CBD

We are proud to say that Fieldstone Farms CBD is a fully integrated facility. We have control of the farm, the extraction facility and production department where we are proud to create the highest CBD products for our customers.
Step 1

It All Starts with a Seed

 When we started Fieldstone Farms CBD, we took into account our deep understanding of how stress, sleepless nights, aches and pains can take a toll on your life.
Step 2

Vigorous Testing

Through the summer, we continuously test our plants to ensure our THC levels are in line with federal and local standards. CBD only allows .3% THC in the product; we always strive to be below that percentage. This tender process continues until early fall until it’s time to start harvesting.
Step 3

Harvest Season

Come late September or early fall, we begin to harvest our hemp plants. This process takes days and sometimes weeks to harvest the hemp flowers. Once we have completed our harvest, we transport the hemp flowers to our plant for processing.
Step 4

Processing the Hemp Flower

We start with fully drying the hemp flower, using our state of the art technology to ensure all of the water in the hemp flower is removed. From there, we take the dried hemp flower and begin the extraction process.
Step 5

CBD Extraction

During the Ethanol Extraction process, alcohol is used to soak up the desired product; for example, CBD. Then, the alcohol is separated from the substance through evaporation. The Ethanol along with Nitrogen helps extract all the CBD oils out of the leaf creating a FULL Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum CBD simply means more cannabinoids are extracted making it a more rounded CBD. We then add our own oil into all our products to create a close loop cycle for our CBD